My ZoZo Ouija Demon Experience

zozo ouija demon

So a little after my buddies father died we were in the basement playing with a Ouija board (he died in the basement so we just wanted to see if we could talk to him, we were probably 15 or 16, 2010ish ).We made a Ouija board out of a piece of paper and I think we might have used a shot glass. Nothing happened at first, but after 5 or 10 minutes into the ouija board session the glass started to move. It said “hi” and we were talking to it for a while then it just stopped talking to us and was moving all over the place. It then started to go from A to Z but I stopped it cause I heard you weren’t supposed to let them do that but then it started to go from 0 to 9 so I stopped it again (same reason).

Finally we got the entity talking again and asked it’s name, and it responded with “ZoZo”.  We decided to keep talking to ZoZo a bit more and it went from being responsive to quiet. We asked if it was a good or bad spirit and that’s when it told us he was bad.  After that it kept trying to talk but we kept saying goodbye and it just kept saying “no”. We eventually got the goodbye (cant remember if we forced it or what) and burned the piece of paper. After that we never played with a Ouija board again. I was just telling my buddy about the story and decided to look up the name and that’s when I found your article and now I’m freaking out. I’ll answer whatever questions you have but how bad did we fuck ourselves that night?

P.S. Me and some other friends made contact with my buddies aunt. She showed herself to everyone except for me however I told her to get comfortable when we found out it was her we were talking to and she drank from my cup of water. We always thought I couldn’t see her because I was doing all the talking but would this fucker from the Ouija board have anything to do with it? Could he have possibly attached himself to me or something?

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