ZoZo Ouija Demon Attack Please Help

zozo ouija demon face

This all started one day while I was at work, the place I work is a diner which we all believe is haunted. Yesterday me and Kaitlyn (my friend) played with an Ouija board. Nothing was really scary, and nothing bad really came up.  We recalled that One of waitresses “Atacie” had a bad experience with a ouija board. She told us once at work that while playing with the Ouija Board  she was dragged off of the bed and would never touch one.  She believed that the entity that did this was ZoZo. For some reason we believed her, And we all believed it to be Zozo since she would never say his name.

Well we asked later in the night (Atacie wasn’t with us) why it was here, and it spelled out Atacie. And we asked if it was the one who drug her off her bed, and it said yes. We asked if it would ever hurt her, it also said yes. But when we asked why it followed her it went to goodbye, but we asked if we don’t speak of Atacie if it would keep talking to us, and it said yes. So we asked if it liked our cook Reese and it said no, we asked if it liked Michelle and it said no. We asked why, and it said she was a thief and has stolen $80 from the diner since a set date. But it said it liked all of us. And we said would you protect us and it said yes. It said it’s always at the diner. Not just when atacie is. Well we closed it out and then later on we did it again. Asked it more random questions like how many fingers Heidi has behind her back and it got it right every time. It only got bad when we asked it one last question. We asked it what color bra our friend was wearing (who wasn’t with us at the moment but we were FaceTiming.  When it would think it’s just make a circle. I’d ask if it was thinking and it said yes. Then it stopped. And it made one infinity and then went to o, z, o ,z and then we said good bye, (we made it with card board) and we ripped everything up.

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