Possible ZoZo Ouija Demon Attachment, ZoZ?

ouija demon possession
Years ago, when I was a child and I found my parents Ouija board my parents warned me against using it. They told me this story. Before they had a Ouija board they had what they called a juice glass (same concept just using a juice glass instead of a planchette). This was over 35 years ago now. Back then my mom would use this method to try to speak to her father who died when she was 10. And she thought she was. Until she started asking questions only her dad would know and whoever she was speaking to got it wrong. When pressed, the entity revealed it’s name to them as Zoz. I don’t know if this is the same as Zozo, but it acts in a very similar way, with the exception that it can physically maneuver objects. It proceeded to call my mother names that my father to this day refuses to repeat. Then it flung the juice glass into the wall, shattering it. This entity came through to them a couple more times in the future, all to similar results.
This was all before you could find any information on this entity. We never knew how to look for or research it. So I used the Ouija board. And I tried to reach out to my grandfather. And when I made contact I asked questions to verify his identity. The entity got the answers wrong. I asked who I was speaking to, and it spelled Zoz. We argued, it called me names, I refused to acknowledge it’s validity, and it went away. This happened twice and I never used the board again.
I have a friend. I told her these stories. About how I always thought maybe my entire family is crazy and how Zoz can’t possibly exist. And then I started to see articles about this Zozo and I started to wonder if they are the same. And so when we were done talking she decided to try and pure Zozo away from my family by calling out to it. And so she did, through Tarot.
And now lots of weird things are happening and I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or if perhaps she accidentally gave Zoz too much power and he will be able to influence her in some way.


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