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I have been researching the origins of ZoZo Ouija Demon for over 10 years ever since I came in contact with the Ouija Demon at the Stanley Hotel in 2008 during a livescifi.tv live broadcast.  Little was known about this Ouija Demon at the time as most people including myself thought that the planchette was just acting up by a rambunctious spirit, spelling z-o-z-o.  In fact during the broadcast I even laughed and remarked that BoZo the clown was trying to communicate.

I found in my research and ouija sessions that the ZoZo Ouija Demon is facade which shares the traits of three demons; Pazuzu, Beelzebub, and the demon Baal. ZoZo can also be referenced as Pazuzu in Manuel A. Malet’s book the Infernal Dictionary (1906).There was also reference to this entity being a soul stealer, according to a early 1900’s article, Brook Kenilworth had her soul stolen by her husband “ZoZo” who was mystic.

ZoZo Ouija Demon on the Spirit Board

There are many common signs that players on spirit board exhibit when they come into contact with the Ouija Demon ZoZo.  Some of these signs are:

  • Ouija Board Sessions usually start off as playful
  • The responses on the board will try to evoke the players trust
  • Rapid figure eight movements with the ouija planchette
  • Rainbow side to side movements with the ouija planchette
  • Players feel the need to keep playing with the ouija after the session is over
  • Ouija Planchette may spell out
    • zozo
    • mama
    • zaza
    • abacus
    • momo
    • ayay
    • za
    • zo
    • ozoz
    • oz
  • Ouija board players once in contact may have lost time
  • Sexual dreams, or raped by ZoZo
  • Demonic Possession
  • Death



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